Virtual Team Building - Building A Resilient Team

Virtual Team Building - Building A Resilient Team

The current global crisis has introduced many changes in our lives and has led us to feel an array of emotions. Workplace environments are reaching a breaking point and employees are under enormous pressure.

A successful team culture begins with one’s ability to understand and manage their own emotions to recognise appropriate responses to others in any given situation.

Emotional intelligence and resilience are elements that help individuals respond more effectively to stressors, resolve issues, and support their team members through challenging times. The question is – how does  one overcome challenge and bounce back stronger than ever?

Programme Outcome

Upon completing the programme, you should be able to:

  • Create a trustful and safe working environment for one another
  • Create meaningful conversations within team members
  • Manage emotional behaviours that impact work-based relationships and decisions
  • Integrate empathy to promote strong team player attributes
  • Better time management to increase productivity and quality of work
  • Improve to overall mental wellbeing with coping strategies and destress techniques

Our Approach

Our Methodology

  • Combining experiential and discovery learning supported by user-friendly technology, creates powerful shifts in mindset and behaviour, all in the comfort and safety of home.
  • Assist individuals, leaders, teams or companies to improve current performance, create an environment for more effective change management, increase productivity and employee engagement.
  • A range of case studies, reflection exercises, feedback, online activities, group discussions, lectures and story-telling will be included. 100% engaging interaction, focused on delivering the experience of how emotional intelligence works in practical applications.


Mood Tracker 

Mood tracker – also known as the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) is a set of three self-report scales designed to measure the negative emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress. 

Participants have to use a four-point severity/frequency scales to rate the extend to which they have experienced each state over the past week.

Upon completing the assessment, an organisation-wide DASS analysis will be conducted to assess the mental health state of employees.  Recommendations by clinical psychologist(s) will be provided based on the analysis to better improve or tackle issues that could affect employees’ emotional well-being. The illustration below is a sample analysis of DASS.

Gametize is designed to support the delivery of a Gamified Building Team Resilience Programme

Gametize is the world's simplest enterprise-grade gamification platform, which consists of customised interactive challenges, flashcards, topics and projects. The platform redefines the learning experience with its sleek user experience, automated feedback and rewards system.

Virtual Facilitation Topic Title (Choose 2 out of 5):

Option 1: Driving Team Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

Option 2: Managing Change Gracefully As A Team

Option 3: Creating Meaningful Bonds through Effective Conversations

Option 4: Stress Management: Is it Selfish to Care for Myself?

Option 5: Meaning Making for a Purposeful Life


Optional Add-Ons Assessments
The EQ-i 2.0 assessment measures an individual’s emotional intelligence that covers five domains: self-perception, self-expression, stress management, interpersonal and decision making. The EQ-i 2.0 Workplace Report is designed for use in a variety of coaching and development situations and work settings. It focuses on the impact of emotional intelligence and offers suggestions for working more effectively with colleagues, supervisors and clients.