Selfdrvn - Drive employee, customer & business performance from a single platform



Get Employee Pulse Surveys, Rewards, Recognition, Peer Feedback, Goal Setting & Wellness in a Single Platform.



SelfDrvn is a flexible platform, available as components including social & team collaboration, rewards and recognition, peer feedback, wellness and configurable pulse surveys. With SelfDrvn Open API, we can integrate into your existing collaboration and transactional systems such as HRIS, Slack and Atlassian JIRA for a comprehensive employee engagement solution to address various facets of employee experience challenges.

We help organizations further amplify employee motivation with Epicly, our open and configurable gamification solution that applies game mechanics to your collaboration, performance management and employee engagement processes. With SelfDrvn technology, you can execute your strategy at scale and engage employees at their convenience.



Enterprise Social Networking
Studies by Gallup show that employees who have a best friend at work are six times more engaged than employees who don’t. SelfDrvn includes a social news feed that allows employees to engage socially, collaborate and keep informed. You also get a social analytics dashboard, with data-driven, actionable insights to measure trends, pin-point engagement problem areas, and tailor your strategy to improve participation in employee engagement initiatives. SelfDrvn calculates the cost of employee engagement which can help you measure and improve your return-on-investment (ROI).

Employee Anonymous Feedback - Gamified
Motivate employees to participate in idea generation, dot voting, providing feedback and suggestion
for improvements. Try a game of Message in a Bottle (where employees provide suggestions
and vote on other suggestions) designed to make anonymous feedback more engaging, fun and
rewarding. Gamification allows employees to earn rewards for their contributions.

Ad-hoc Peer Feedback
Employee-initiated, 360-degree feedback that is personal, specific, and actionable based on best
practices. Provides timely employee performance data as a valuable source of information to
support more effective employee coaching, performance check-ins, employee goal setting and
annual performance reviews. Feedback can be requested and voluntarily given from peer-to-peer
to help employee performance.

Employee Rewards
Create a more motivating employee rewards program that is flexible and personalized. Employees
can shop for tangible reward items and flexible employee benefits with reward points earned from
excelling at work. Engage employees further with a fun online auction experience where they
compete to bid for prized items while bonding with their colleagues.

Employee Wellness - Gamified
Improve the physical health of employees. Get their competitive juices flowing with a contest for
daily activities on an individual and team basis, with a dashboard to let companies track and measure
the success of their employee wellness initiatives.