Game Thinking for Product Design and Customer Experience Innovation

Game Thinking for Product Design and Customer Experience Innovation

Objective /Benefits

Build your product smarter and faster with our Game Thinking Toolkit

The Game Thinking Toolkit is a proven, flexible design system with step-by-step templates that guide you towards product/market fit. You’ll use these tools to test your high-risk assumptions, mobilize your superfans, and create a compelling experience that drives long-term engagement.

Companies Benefited Applying Game Thinking

Cisco Systems
Tesla Inc.
Adobe Systems Inc.
The New York Times
The Sims
EA Games



Program Outline

Learn the basics of Game Thinking through hands-on exercises, compelling Case Studies, and stories direct from the front lines of hit games, products and services.

Session 1

Game Thinking 101: What Makes Games So Engaging?

Superfans & Powerusers: Drive Product Discovery with The Right Customers

Social Verbs: Define How Customers Interact Together

Habit Stories: How to Find Habits You Can Piggyback On

Session 2

Design Your Player’s Journey: Design a Compelling & Coherent Path to Mastery

Bring Your Learning Loop to Life: Build a Habit Loop That Gets Better Over Time

Session 3

Game Thinking Roadmap: Avoid “Leaky Bucket” Syndrome and Know What to Focus on When

The MVP Canvas: How to Run Faster, Smarter Product Experiments

Q&A, Wrapup, Next Steps

Session 1

Habit Stories Deep Dive: Interactive Group Exercise

Choose Your Template: Each Team Decides Where to Focus

Find your Superfans: Screener + Interviews

Distill your Customer Insights: Social Verbs + Habit Stories

Sketch your Design: Players Journey & Learning Loop

Get It Done Part 1: Work Through Template, with Coaching

Session 2

Get It Done Part 2: Continue Working on Template Materials

Start to Summarize Work, Prep for Sharing

Pitch Session: Get Feedback from Experts & Colleagues

Q&A, Wrapup, Next Steps


Your Design Coach: Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D.


Amy Jo Kim is a world-renowned game designer and startup coach. As CEO of Shufflebrain, she led early-stage social design for Rock Band, The Sims, eBay, Netflix, Covet Fashion, Ultima Online, Happify, and Pley. 

Named by Fortune as a top-10 influencer in games, Amy Jo pioneered the application of social game design to digital services in her influential book Community Building on the Web. She holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience and a BA in Experimental Psychology. She’s an adjunct professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she co-developed the game design curriculum.

Amy Jo is passionate about helping innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide find product/market fit. She delivers transformative results through her Game Thinking coaching programs.