Gamification for Learning: Building a Focused Gamification Design

Design Learning Experience with Gamification

Objective /Benefits


Learning and development settings at work can be gamified too! An Coppens will teach you to employ the right techniques of gamification in L&D settings (Onboarding, Advancing Skill Sets, Training) where learners can complete their trainings, retain their knowledge and thrive the most. 


The 2-day workshop is very practical in nature, highly focused on cases that the participants will bring in with them. Each team will get to practise their gamification skills on a topic of their choice. An will share examples of epic fails and also her success stories. Come with a playful mindset!


 > Improved learning experience
Gamification will allow a higher level of engagement in learning through the elements of fun. This leads to an increase in recall and attention.

> Improved learning environment
Gamification provides an efficient learning environment that helps learners practice real life situations and challenges in a safe environment. This leads to a more engaged learning experience that promotes better knowledge retention.

> Instant feedback
Gamification provides instant feedback that promotes confidence and engagement which increases recall and retention of knowledge. 

> Rewarding behavioral change
When combined with the psychological principles of repeated retrieval and spaced repetition, gamification can drive strong behavioral change.

> Vast application in learning needs 
Gamification can be applied across most of a company learning needs including onboarding, sales, customer support, soft skills, awareness creation, and compliance.


> Boost course completion rates & certifications
> Promote voluntary learning & resource use
> Improve employee satisfaction & decrease turnover
> Increase collaboration & sharing in social platforms
> Recognize behaviors that correspond to greater performance 



Program Outline

Day 1
SESSION 1: Introduction - Why gamification now
With learner exposure to social media and current day technology, the attitudes have changed towards learning. Gamification can offer one way to engage learners for longer, help them retain more and prove their skills.
This session will set the scene for the next 2 days
•    What is changing with the workforce of today?
•    What is gamification?
•    Why is it relevant?
•    Why is the time ripe for gamification initiatives?

SESSION 2: Why do people learn
Learners have different motivations in different circumstances. In this
session we look at becoming mindful of those motivational drivers and current day methods of learning
•    Why do learners learn?
•    How do learners learn?
•    Why you don’t want to be the 10% department (70-20-10)…

SESSION 3: Learning objectives and outcomes
All good learning design starts with learning objectives and learning outcomes. Starting with the end in mind is still a good idea, the bit in the middle may be changing
•    Blooms taxonomy
•    Addie
•    Instructional design techniques

SESSION 4: Learning-related gamification framework

An Coppens learning gamification framework, designed to capture a full learner journey through to mastery. How this works in an overview.
•    Why I designed it?
•    How does it work?
•    The three levels

SESSION 5: Learning styles meets player types
Both learning styles and player types play a role in gamification design for learning. I matched the two frameworks to come up with a blend of learner player style.
•    Kolbe learner styles
•    Player types – Andrzej Marczewski
•    The blend

Day 2
SESSION 6: Level 1 content gamification
Deep dive and practical design session around level 1: content gamification
•    First person
•    Engagement loops
•    Impact for design
Practise on your content

SESSION 7: Level 2 systems gamification
Level 2 gamification is all about the system and providing structure for the learner
•    Core drivers of progression
•    Setting the learner up for self-directed success
•    Indicators of performance
Practise on your content

SESSION 8: Level 3 proof of mastery
A lot of learners want to know if they have successfully acquired a skill and how they can show it. It is rare to find a platform that measures this for them and how you can help
•    What are the elements of proof?
•    Why does it matter and who does it matter to?
Practise on your scenario

SESSION 9: Beta,
alpha, GO!
Iterations and testing are part of all good game design, hence in gamification, this is equally good practice. We will discuss data analysis and feedback to improve your project and steer it towards the desired business objectives.
• Is it also fun?
• Importance of testing
• Launch considerations: silent or big bang, compulsory or voluntary
• Testing, measuring, iterating


An Coppens is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, which offers gamification design solutions and an online gamification community. The company is based in London and serving clients worldwide from well-known brands to smaller product focused SME’s. Her solutions are designed to encourage winning behaviours and improve business results in the areas of sales, marketing, HR, learning, and productivity. In February 2016 she was recognized at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai as an HR tech visionary and in March 2017 she was listed in the e-learning top at gold standard globally.

Projects she has worked on included reviewing onboarding of sales staff and their recognition, assisting managers with getting ready for new hires, website gamification, gamification of an in-house learning curriculum, membership site gamification, etc. Increasing engagement is always our key focus.

An is also an award winning business coach, speaker, learning & development professional and author. She is a prolific blogger on gamification through and tweets under her Twitter alter ego @GamificationNat. Her 4th book “Tapping into crowd” – competitive advantage from the inside out” launched in February 2017 is available from Amazon and the publisher Pencraft Publishing.

In her career An has worked in learning and development and change management roles for Modern Times Group, Xigma Management Consultants, Philips Electronics and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. She was a guest expert on the TV show “How long will you live” for RTE in Ireland. For 10 years An ran a successful business coaching practice in Cork, Ireland with B/Right Business Coaching. She holds a BA (Hon) in International Marketing and Languages from Dublin City University and an MBA from the Open University Business School in the UK. She holds a gamification master qualification from the Engagement Alliance and has completed a number of online gamification courses.