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Gamification Case Studies
Successful gamification projects built for training and employee engagement
Reshaping the Multi-Generational Workforce of the 21st Century
The inaugural Game Thinking Asia (GTA) conference came to life this 16 August 2017 and was received with many positive responses.
Top 10 Industry Experts to Learn From
Workshops, Conferences, or Other Events
Gamification Workshops Now Endorsed by GamFed
Digitalization of the Learning Journey | Start with Onboarding
Accelerating Performance through Digitalization
Gamification For Employee Engagement & Motivation In Malaysia
Talent Intelligence continues to inspire Malaysia with gamification strategies by invites global gamification guru and founder of Gamification Nation, An Coppens to host a workshop for HR Leaders in Malaysia.
Workplace Gamification in Action at Vinda Group
Gamified Meeting to Increase Engagement among Senior Management
Building an Effective & Engaging Onboarding Experience
Enable New Hires to Perform Faster With Only Half a Day Training!
How Extrinsic Rewards Can Drive Intrinsic Motivation and Behavioral Change at Work
Foundation of Workplace Gamification: Motivation and Behavioral Change
Talent Intelligence Makes a Move on Workplace Gamification
Everyone in an organization is driven by something, games especially have a huge affect on any person...
Gamification & Behavioral Design Workshop by Yu-Kai Chou
The 1st Octalysis Framework Workshop in Malaysia!