Design Thinking for HR

Design Thinking for HR

Objective /Benefits

This is a workshop intended for HR leaders to learn how to apply the Design Thinking method at the workplace in order to enhance their employee experience.
Organisations today are placing more focus in designing their customer experience, as it is a key differentiator in attracting, engaging & retaining customers; thus driving business results. However, not many organisations place much emphasis on designing their employee experience although most would agree that people are their most valuable asset in the organisation.
Although Design Thinking is prominently applied in product-based solutions, Design Thinking can be applied in various HR functions as well. Therefore, it is imperative for organisations to design their employee experience with a clear purpose, which would result in an engaged workforce that drives business results.
Workshop outcomes:

  1. Develop employee-centric solutions in a mindful and structured manner
  2. How to effectively prototype and test your concepts to increase user acceptance
  3. Enable breakthrough insights to emerge from the collaboration of people from diverse backgrounds

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Program Outline

Day 1
Empathising with users to understand their needs
Identifying extreme users
Developing the employee journey map
Empathising with users through observation and engagement

Defining the problem statement
Synthesizing information to derive user insights
Developing persona and point of view
Capturing the emotional journey in the employee journey map

Day 2
Generating and selecting ideas
Generating large quantity of ideas
Generating diverse ideas
Selecting ideas for prototyping

Building prototypes for users to experience the idea
• Constructing low resolution prototypes
 Developing service prototypes

Testing prototypes for desirability and usability
• Testing prototypes to gain feedback from users
 Unpacking user feedback
 Iterating the solution based on user feedback

Connecting the dots between desirability, viability and feasibility
• Developing a HR service blueprint


Ren Chang is an Innovation Psyentist™ at People Psyence™, designing productive and meaningful employee experience through solutions that are simple and engaging.

Prior to working at People Psyence™, Ren Chang led executive education workshops and consulting engagements using the design thinking method. In the financial services industry, he was responsible for talent management, and organisation effectiveness. Additionally, he was a management consultant with Deloitte and PwC.

Ren Chang’s facilitation & training experience encompasses leadership development conferences, intercultural seminars, train the trainer workshops, experiential learning retreats, strategy & planning meetings in various countries such as Vietnam, Turkey, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Malaysia.

Holding a MSc in Management Psychology from the University of Nottingham, he is a certified occupational ability & personality test user by the British Psychological Society. He is trained in design thinking by the professors from Stanford University’s, and service design by the authors of “This is Service Design Doing”.