Behavioral Coaching

Behavioral Coaching Workshop

Objective /Benefits

The “Behavioral Coaching” is a powerful tool, which can help us to identify the actual root cause that hinders staff from demonstrating a particular skill.  It helps to Drive Performance on your Teams and teaches you on the Model on holding your teams “Accountable

Develop your skills to coach CSE’s to self-identify strength and opportunities.
Develop your skill to identify specific behaviors that drive performance.
Use the coaching model to hold staff “accountable” for improving behaviors.

Assessment Criteria
The BC Certification Process will have three (3) phases
Phase 1: Training
Phase 2: Skill Validation thru Triad Sessions using Evaluation Form
Phase 3: Ongoing Audits and Skill Reviews

In door Classroom Training
Visual Learning (You Tube)
Role plays based on actual scenarios


Program Outline

Day 1
How did the “Behavioral Coaching” emerged?
Passion about Coaching
Self-Evaluation Exercise
Execution Quotient
Who can Influence?
Characteristics of an Effective Coach
An extension of Effective Coach
Effective Coach Strategy
Is it Skill or Will?
Process coaching vs Behavioral Coaching
Process Coaching Example
Behavioral Coaching
Socratic Method
Behavioral Coaching Example
Which is better?
Impact of Coaching
Why Behavioral Coaching?
What’s the difference?
5 Key Diagnostic Questions
What it looks like?
Situational Leadership II
Day 2
Introduction to the Behavioral Coaching Model
Role Play – Triad Session
Asking the right questions to identify the root cause.
Behavioral Coaching Certification Process Overview
Note: It can be customized to 1.5 days


Vijayakumar is a Certified Coach by the Co-Founder of Behavioral Coaching from United States.  He has vast scope of experience apart from the knowledge in Coaching, for example people development, training, customer experience, project, service culture transformation, mentor programs, Artificial Intelligence programs etc. He has 16 years of experience   has  served  as  a  member  of  the  senior  management  team  at  People  Potential,  a  training  and development  with financial institution and hospitality industry. 
He has led and trained in leadership development methods, through effective Coaching Techniques that can help to drive internal and external engagement.
Vijayakumar brings with him a special ability to analyses problems and ask high-quality questions in order to facilitate understanding in the team.
In  the  area  of  leadership,  he  has  managed  practitioners  and  administrative  staff  and  is  well  acquainted
With the challenges of leading and managing in a competitive, changing environment. He has also worked
On developing post-program Coaching Certification program that help to drive customer satisfaction.  

In the area of professional productivity, he trains and coaches managers and non-managers to help them.
Make their workflow more efficient.  Many  of  the  people  he  has  worked  with  have  reported  significant.
Reductions in stress, increased productivity and efficiency.
Vijayakumar hold a Master’s in Business Administration and Bachelor’s with Double Major in Marketing & Human Resource Management from University of Tasmania Australia.