Advanced Workplace Gamification & Behavioral Design for Contact Center

Advanced Workplace Gamification & Behavioral Design for Contact Center

Objective /Benefits



When it comes to contact centers, 70% of the operational cost is on human resource. From hiring, training, motivating and retaining these talents, these will always be its top priority. 


On top of that, the additional madness of juggling absenteeism, attrition, increasing FCR and other related KPIs, as well as increasing challenges to continuously deliver exceptional service, has made it crucial for contact center operations to look for solutions to these key challenging areas.


This workshop will focus on the application of gamification solutions targeted for contact center challenges. 





Contact center operators have used gamification to improve agent engagement in general and to achieve many more specific benefits, such as improving adherence to scripts, raising closing rates for sales and collection activities, reducing risks by improving compliance with disclosure requirements, and reducing the onboarding time for new agents by making training more effective. 

Employee engagement is a persistent problem at contact centers, as evidenced by high employee attrition rates. Other signs that contact center agents are not engaged in their work include:


> Flat or declining sales
> High abandon rates
> Increased customer service complaints
> Increased compliance violations




Learn to engage with employees using gamification techniques to make the working environment more enjoyable, exciting, and purposeful.


> Manage retention problems at the onboarding process 
> Produce the right incentive scheme to entice employee loyalty to the organization
> Reduce absenteeism and turnovers in your contact center
> Reduce AHT while retaining the quality of calls
> Foster and improve agent engagement, performance and motivation




With properly designed gmaification strategy, gamification can be used to achieve the following business goals:      

> Reduce absenteeism 
> Increase adherence
> Reduce attrition
> Reduce onboarding timeframe
> Reach contact center KPIs
> Incentivize quality calls and sales
> Improve employee engagement
> Map the path to career success



Contact Center General Managers, Senior VPs, VPs, Directors and Senior Managers of the following areas:

> Human Resource
> Recruitment
> Human Capital Management
> Talent Management
> Employee Engagement
> Employee Experience
> Organizational Development
> Learning & Development
> Training & Development
> Talent Acquisition
> Talent Development

> Compensation & Benefits



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> Gamification for Managers


Program Outline

Day 1

Session 1: Gamification as Human-Focused Design

·      Introduction to Super Agent Game

·      Workshop Objectives

·      What Gamification is all about

·      How Gamification is impacting Contact Center

·      Future of work: Using Gamification at the Workplace


Session 2: Success & Setbacks

·      Success Stories of Contact Center Gamification (case study)

·      Group Activity 1: Identify Your Challenges when Implementing Gamification at work


Session 3: Introduction to the Gamification Framework Overview

·      Human Psychology and Motivation

·      Human Motivational Framework in Action

·      The Six Human Needs

·      The Six Human Needs (Exercise)

·      Group Activity 2: Identification of Player Type

·      Select a Game


Session 4: Implementation of Game Element in a Non-Gaming Environment

·      How Apple created an Empire?

·      Facebook is an Obsession

·      Wikipedia is Free yet Resourceful

·      Is Waze simply an App for Direction?

·      Geomons wasn’t Simply a Game

·      Group Activity 3: Game Elements in Organizations towards Business Objectives


Session 5: An Coppens Framework: Attraction

·      Guided approach to develop prototype in identified Contact Center Processes

·      Devise strategies that appeal to your targeted players



Day 2

Session 6: An Coppens Framework: Engagement

·      ORLIG AMAZE Gamification Example (Auction House)

·      Exploring techniques to enhance engagement


Session 7: An Coppens Framework: Nurturing

·      Sustaining interest and motivation to speed up the progress

·      Check and Balance


Session 8: An Coppens Framework: End Game

·      Acquiring evidence of adoptions and achievement of outcomes

·      Reviewing & Relating to KPIs


Session 9: Developing Prototype

·      Team Presentation and Feedback

·      Best Practices

·      Developing Individual Action Plan