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Team Building Malaysia That Works !



* 2 Days 1 night  / 3 Days 2 night
* Customizable To Suit Client's Budget

* Location: KL, Port Dickson, Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Johor and more.


If team building and other events are to offer value, their inclusion in an overall corporate structure of philosophies, values, and practices is critical.

Teamwork That Works! process of supporting a to operate in a team-oriented environment that is characterized by such philosophies as shared purpose, shared values, shared vision, shared mission and a performance development system that enables people to grow both personally and professionally. It is ideal for organizations with a high mix of seniority in age, experience, and competency.

This program is designed to give participants a distinct advantage over other organizations that don't believe in Team Power and Transformation. The program creates awareness for teamwork and has participants devoted to achieving self-empowerment as individuals and as a team to reach new heights and create new paradigms in working relationships.

Teamwork That Works! following areas:

• Commitment

• Ownership

• Communication

• Leadership

• Collaboration  

We also provide virtual team building which is also 100% HRDF claimable. Please contact us for more information and customization.


The New Earth: A Team Building Program

Team Synergy Program

Teamwork That Works! Team Development Program


The Seven Seas

This is a powerful business simulation whereby teams represented specific kingdoms during the 7th century and they compete with each other to emerge as the wealthiest kingdom in the South China Sea. Team members take on specific roles of captain, navigator, chamber master, treasurer and negotiators as they and trade with other kingdoms on resources such as silk, oil, and spices. The full spectrum of human behavior comes to play as teams plan their course of action, manage their resources and chart their progress in the game while keeping a close eye on the competition. An activity with an option for full dress play and in-depth debrief on various sales-related issues.

Learning Elements — Accountability, adaptability, clarity, commitment, communication, creativity, decision making, esprit de corps, focus, integrity, leadership, organizing skills, ownership, planning, presentation skills problem-solving, rapport/trust, resourcefulness, rigor and team effectiveness.


Teams engage each other in a company-wide competitive game in which the objective is to achieve the most profits for the referred to as company departments and they are to maximize profits for the company. Through the game, they learn the concept of win-win which allows not only the individual teams to win but the company as a whole. This activity is engaging as it involves all participants to vote in the process. It is a shorter process than Corporate X-Maze and the debriefing is designed to highlight thinking and behavior and relating the resulting outcome to the workplace.

Learning Elements — Accountability, analytical thinking, commitment, communication, decision making, integrity, leadership, openness, problem-solving, self-awareness, strategic planning, and teamwork.


  • Registration Challenge
  • Impossible Juggle
  • Challenge
  • Speed Test
  • Catch IT!
  • People to People
  • Circular Rope
  • Grand Rollercoaster
  • Iwo Jima
  • Rising Phoenix
  • Engineering Challenge
  • The I-Maze
  • KISS
  • Passport Madness
  • Tai Chi On The Park
  • Willow in the Wind


"First of all, I would like to thank you for running such a powerful session in Malaysia last week. Lots of positive input plus mindsets to be ready for the challenges ahead.

We will see you in Indonesia!"
Mr. , General Manager
Associated British Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd,
Ovaltine & Twinings
"I want to thank you and your team once again for making my whole team perform the finger karate successfully. Your encouragement and insistence played an important part in the successful execution. This experience will stay with the team for a long time, if not forever.

This is by far, the most memorable Thank you once again."
Mr. Vincent Phua, Chief Financial Officer
NCS Pte Ltd, Singapore


Talent Intelligence is an authorized training provider under Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)


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Team Building Q&A:

Why Team Building Is Important In Malaysia?

Team building is important not only in Malaysia, but every company. As the business landscape has changed rapidly, more  required the entire workforce to work towards the common goals. Team building plays a very important training and development program to build  within the employees in the At the same time, most of the also take this opportunity to communicate the company goal, vision, mission & values during the team building program. People can better consume info & learning content during fun and interactive experiential activities. Hence, team building helps better knowledge retention. 

What Is The Team Building Price In Malaysia?

Team Building price is subject to number of participants and also the duration of the program. In most of the standard circumstances, a 30 participants and below would cost from RM 4,000 to RM 6,000 per day. This fee is subject to the targeted activities as some activities would additional cost for equipment, venue & additional facilitators. 

What Are The Team Building Packages You Offer?

We offer a wide range of team building packages from 3 days, 2 days, 1 day and even special activities such as Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, Archery Combat, Go Kart Speed Race, Master Chef etc. The signature offering would be our team building package designed using mobile apps and gamification. Participants experience the pre-team building engagement via a mobile app with well designed team challenges 4 days prior to the team building. This innovative building has won the Best Team Building Provider Gold Award, HR Vendors Award of the Year 2019.   

Why Should I Choose Talent-Intelligence As My Team Building Company?

Talent Intelligence is one of the most innovative training providers that design the programs with mobile technology and gamification. The team building programs designed by Talent Intelligence has won the Best Team Building Provider Gold Award, HR Vendors Award of the Year 2019.

Is Your Team Building Package HRDF Claimable ?

Yes. Talent Intelligence is a certified training provider under PSMB (HRDF)

I am interested, Who should I contact?

Kindly click the "Contact Us" button to fill up the inquiry form. Our sales rep will get back to you within 24 hours. Please provide the info stated in the inquiry form, hence, our sales rep could suggest the service offering accordingly.